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White Lake
Township Clerk

meet Laura Vogel
Wednesday mornings at biggby coffee

everyone hates having their picture takenLaura Vogel has been practicing law for over twenty years, primarily as in-house counsel for Fortune 100 companies.  It's nothing like on t.v., trust me.  Just like the duties of township clerk, corporate counsel is fraught with attention to detail and the ability to wrangle resources on a limited budget.

In 2008, she was nominated and honored as one of the top in-house counsel for the entire Midwest.  And again in 2011, she was nominated and honored as one of the top 200 metro-Detroit area lawyers.  Laura Vogel has served as president in state and local legal organizations, and as an officer in her undergraduate alumni association.

Aside from business and professional organizations, she has served on numerous commissions and committees for the Huron Valley School district, in the areas of technology and curriculum strategic planning, and building utilization.  She was a catechist for ten years, and was section head for the 6th grade program for nine of those years.  Laura Vogel is also a USA Hockey level four "master" coach, and volunteer coaches boysmeet for coffee and girls house and travel hockey teams.  Both of her kids attend Lakeland High School.

The best way to get to know Laura is to meet with her.  Every Wednesday morning, she'll be at the White Lake Biggby Coffee 6-7:45am.  Click here to put it on your calendar.

Why laura vogel is running

Greater transparency is needed in all aspects of our local government.  It's fiscally impossible to staff the office 24/7/365, but luckily the internet never sleeps.  Laura Vogel knows how to make information available on the internet.  Proof?  She did all of her own coding for this whole website. 

Just as you can now renew your license plates without having to stand in line anymore, so, too, it is possible to streamline the processes for applying and obtaining common permits, checking whether taxes and assessments have been properly paid, and other common interactions.  Likewise, if there are topics of particular interest to you, the township should be able to keep you up-to-date using email and text alerts.  The public needs to be able to know when and where meetings are being held, what the agendas are, and what the results were. The capability already exists; Laura Vogel will make sure it becomes a reality. Citizens should not have to use unpaid time off from work in order to try to be an informed and involved voter. 

It's important for your full-time paid officials to be active and engaged in your community, and to be accessible when you have a question or concern.  Laura Vogel continues to volunteer her time and talent in ways that help show our youth that giving back is simply what you do.

The choice is yours.  Times have changed, and resisting change is no longer an option.

not a career politician

Term limits were put in place for the State legislature to try to solve the problem of unresponsive career politicians.  Unfortunately, all we seemed to have gotten now is the same names and faces merely circulating around from office to office.  Sure, you can vote for the same names that you have always seen because they're the same names you've always seen.  But then don't be surprised when you get the same ol' same ol'.  Laura Vogel is a career volunteer, a career accomplished lawyer, and a career involved citizen.  Not a career politician.

works hard, plays hard

hockeysoccerAll work and no play makes for a very bored Laura.  Besides volunteering for her profession, community, schools and church, Laura Vogel plays competitive travel women's soccer and ice hockey. 

And, yeah, she's a bit of a techie dork and does web sites as a hobby.